TB 1100 Pro Gen 2 (IQ Touch)

We all have been through that hassle in life when you are trying to connect your laptop to a projector and it just does not connect at one go. Then you got to check the wires, your port, the input method etc. etc. and try again until you finally succeed after wasting few valuable minutes. 

Well, we have a fantastic solution that enhances your complete experience of learning or presenting and definitely avoids the hassle of any connectivity using a “Smart Board”. A Smart Board is a combination of a PC (Personal Computer), a projector, a speaker, a white board & a touch screen which redefines all your needs for a presentation, meeting, training & learning. It’s a display board and also an Interactive Board, which helps everyone in the room to share their views from their smart devices wirelessly on the Digital Display board, the ease of which makes the session highly interactive and efficient for all participants. 

The Smart Board can also be used as an interactive white board (IWB), as it comes with an inbuilt white board application that has all the tools and features to write, draw, create shapes and erase without messing your hands. Learning in a Smart Display white board is a lot more fun and effective for children as well as adults. 

This solution is popularly used as smart board for schools in replacement of conventional setup of a projector, whiteboard, HDMI wires etc. The Interactive smart board also enhances the visual quality in comparison to a projector as they are LED based and come in Full HD & 4k variants. So, now will no longer face the loss of color or attractiveness of any image, ppt, video that you want to display in a classroom, meeting hall or training room. 

Touch LCD – all in one touch monitor is an interactive TV, it built-in with LCD/LED and touch screen (and PC for optional). We use the most popular technology infrared touch to achieve interaction between users and the monitor. All in one touch monitor is also a LCD whiteboard, use the LCD to instead of the projector for image presentation. Connect with built-in or outer PC, it is a large touch PC, fingers to control and operate the PC to present advertisement, conference PPT, classroom courses, play movies and etc…



IQTouch Interactive touch panel adopts the latest Android 11.0 version with 8G RAM+128G ROM ensures extremely stable and powerful system. Smoothly run and switch multiple applications, greatly improve the efficiency of a meeting room.

Key Benefits


Zero+ Bonding / Infrared Ultra Fine Tech / Windows Ink

Fully upgraded zero+ bonding and Infrared Ultra Fine (IUF) technology empower the screen high-level image quality, instant response and high precision, revitalizing more vivid visual experience and natural writing. With the collaborative Windows Ink that supports writing on MS Office documents, saving annotations in files and share, you will never lose a thought.

Contactless Card Reader


Embedded NFC access control technology, easily unlock the touch screen by NFC card. Save time from the operations of screen lock setting and password entering. Only one-tap NFC login, the touch screen will be ready to use.

Portrait Camera


4K AI Camera

Integrate 48MP AI Camera with voice tracking and auto framing. It precisely positions and automatically switches focus between the different speakers in video conference.

8 Array Mic

Seamlessly integrating 8 microphone arrays embrace Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology and support the ideal voice pickup range of up to 6 meters.



The amazing screen sharing tool for team collaboration. As a natural extension of BYOD, BYOM allows you to wirelessly access the camera and microphone of TB1100 Pro and start the video conference with your preferred UC platform.



The touch screen for education brings you the built-in 4K AI whiteboard with endless possibility. More intelligent functions like handwriting, shape recognition, split screen mode, smart table, etc., are offered to improve the presentation in every way.

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