ST 800 Front Loader

The most affordable money counting machine in Nepal. Weather you have to handle bulk cash or even the worst quality banknotes we have calibrated this machine to meet the need for all types. This machine gives you the most reliability at a faster speed and is value for money. Money Counters are not only used when you have bulk cash to count but also used to avoide errors in counting and the hassel of recounting just to be sure weather your count was correct.

A reliable Counting Machine with good after sales service in Nepal. It can handle bulk cash and all banknotes issued by regulatory government organizations. This cash machines processes money fast and accurately and is continuously operable for hours. Famously also known as Paisa Ganne machine in the local language.

We are leading suppliers of Currency-counting machines in Nepal, with over 17 years of experience in the industry and more that 5000 cash machines installed and running in various organizations. Banks & other financial institutions are a major user cash/counting machine supplied by us. 

Product Specifications




Size of Carton


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Counting Speed


Size of Countable Note

W: 50-110mm L: 90-190mm

Power Supply

AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

60W (max)

Counting number display

5 Digital LCD

20 Foot Container

5.8m x 2.34m x 2.27m 420 CTNS/20”

Key Benefits

  • Basic model: Automatic or manual count only with DD(Width)
  • UV model: Automatic or manual count with UV(Ultraviolet),DD(width),IR(double or half note)checking
  • MG model: Automatic or manual count with UV(Ultraviolet),DD(width),IR(double or half note),MG(magnetic) checking
  • High speed low noise
  • Suitable for plastic & old money
  • Fault Automatic diagnose


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