Push Button QMS

Do you have a lot of walk in customers? Do they get in line to avail your service? If Yes, we have solution that can help you increase your customer satisfaction. Queue ticket management system is a self service kiosk that allow customers take a token as soon as they walk in and wait for their turn while they are comfortably seated in the customer waiting lounge. This Queue flow management system enables your customers to patiently wait in line and hence increases customer satisfaction.

The Line management system also famously known as token calling system / token dispenser machine are widely used in public ares like banks, hospitals, clinics, service centers, government offices, airline offices, telecom offices etc. Additionally the Ticket management system can record various other data like time taken for a service, no. of customers served every day, rush hours etc. which, are very analytical to improve customer satisfaction strategies.

The Queue inflow system is now available in Nepal, the setup for which is very easy & the communication is completely wireless. So if you are worried about installing the system in your existing infrastructure, it is not a hassle at all. Deploy the Queue management system and increase customer satisfaction today.

The most efficient queue management systems and solutions in Nepal, helping you manage the excess customer flow in an organized method. The Line management system comes with multiple kiosk options to fit your needs like touch screen kiosks or push button kiosk and they can be of different types depending upon area of deployment floor standing, wall hanging or desktop kiosk. Raj Trading Concern in Nepal is the largest suppliers of QMS (queue management system). With our large service after sales service network all over Nepal, we are able to provide a trouble free experience to our customers in every location.

Queue management Systems are very useful for Banks, hospitals, government offices (Tax office, Transport Office, Malpot Karyalay, CDO, Passport office, Visa Office etc.), Service Centers, Police Department,  financial institutions etc. Now, manage any sort of public lines easily without any hassle with the new queue management systems from Raj Trading Concern available all over Nepal backed up with the after sales service you need.


  • Button type system.
  • Ticket receipt printer- Paper roll of 58 mm width.
  • Inbuilt speakers in the LED Indicator Panel and the ticket-issuing machine for loud and clear sound.
  • Elegant looks
  • Wireless system
  • Can be wall mounted or placed on a tabletop.


  • Ticket Issuing Machine
  • LED Indicator Panel
  • Calling Pad
  • Main LED Indicator Panel- Optional
  • Additional Speakers- Optional

Technical Specifications

Ticket Issuing Machine

  • Make: China (Export Quality)
  • Size: 25*27*12cm
  • Weight: 2 kg approx.
  • Power supply: DC12V 4A
  • Frequency: 433Mhz
  • Voice: Built-in 2*3W speaker, 3.5 audio output interface
  • Function: 4 keys ticket printer

LED Indicator Panel

  • Power supply: AC110-240V
  • Resolution: 16*96
  • Tube color: red
  • Size: 33*12*5cm

Calling Pad     

  • Power: DC5V 1A
  • Display: 2.8 inch TFT LCD
  • Number of keys: 24 keys
  • Frequency: wireless 433Mhz

Key Benefits

  • Free from the hassles of wiring- Just need to connect power to all the devices. The communication between the hardware is wireless.
  • Both English and Nepali voice available.
  • Easy to add counters in the future.
  • Easy set up.
  • User friendly
  • No Internet connectivity or networking required.
  • Supports up to 4 different types of services.
  • Supports up to 15 counters

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