Vortex Ecoteller (ATM)

We at Vortex have been continuously leveraging the latest technologies and delivering products that bring out the maximum value to our customers in the journey of financial inclusion. In response to the latest challenges, Vortex has enhanced the Ecoteller range of products with the features that will help in a “touch-less” interaction with the ATMs. The Ecoteller range of products are now available with Contactless card readers, which will help the customers make transactions in our ATMs in a more safe and secure way. The NFC based Contactless Card readers ensure the customers are able to do the transactions in a secure, fast and convenient way.


  • Lower cost of ownership by avoiding ever increasing and expensive hardware and software upgrades.
  • Switching to Linux OS based ATM’s can be a result to substitute.
  • Developed on and Open source platform
  • Upgrades are free ATM life cycle.
  • Saves you millions in a large network when compared to Windows based ATM’s
  • Vortex Ecoteller ATM’s are designed to deliver lower operational costs
  • Higher Return on Investment by directly cutting down on running cost.



  • Ecoteller ATM’s use 1/4 th number of components
  • Average ATM Power Consumption is 70W
  • No Air Conditioning Required up to 45 Degree Celsius.

Product Specifications


Model Ecoteller
Installation Type • Lobby Front Load
• Onsite / Offsite model
ATM Software & Processor • Linux Operating System
• Vortex Swave Terminal Application
• EMV Level 2 Ver 4.3
• Intel R Celeron / i3
• 2GB / 4GB RAM
• HDD: 500 GB (1 TB Optional)
• Electronic journal
Dispenser • Friction pick technology
• Bunch presenter upto 40 notes per transaction
• Upto 4 – cassette configuration
• Cassette capacity – 2500 pieces of fresh currency notes
• Latched / Secure cassettes with lock and key or tag
• Purge bin
Customer Interface • Dip / Motorized Card Reader
• 15-inch LCD with vandal-proof screen
• Touch screen (optional)
• EPP Keypad – PCI v 5.0 certified
• 8 FDKs
• Audio jack with speaker for voice guidance
• Lead through indicators
• Finger print reader (optional)
• Contactless card reader (optional)
• QR reader (optional)
Printer • 40-column graphic thermal receipt printer (optional)
• 40-column graphic journal printer (optional)
Network Connectivity • Support TCP / IP protocol
• Can connect through VSAT, LAN, Leased line, GSM
Operating Temperature & Environmental Protection • Temperature +5 C to 45 C
• Humidity: 10% to 90% RH
Power • Input: 230V AC & 50 Hz
• ATM average power consumption – 70W
Weight 420 kg
Dimensions 505 mm (W) X 1435 (H) X 740 mm (D)



Model Ecoteller
Physical Security • UL291- L1 certified safe
• Anti-skimming device
• Intelligent portrait camera
• DVSS (Digital Video Surveillance System) with software
• Thermal & vibration sensor
Logical Security • PADSS 3.2 certified
• EMV Version 4.0
• Hard Disk Encryption
• OS Hardening
• Whitelisting
• Firewall
• BIOS Password Management
• USB Disabling
• Time Based Admin Access
• User Access Control
• Dispenser Host Pairing
• TLS communication
• Anti-virus (Optional)
Vault Lock • Dual-combination electronic lock / OTC lock / Mechanical key lock

Remote Monitoring

  • Cash Management
  • Tickets & SLA Monitoring
  • Dispute Resolution & Compliance
  • Software Distribution Asset & Inventory
  • Mobile Apps for Branch and Vendors
  • Availability Monitoring
  • Content Management

Enable Regularity Compliance

Enables banks to fully comply with central bank’s regulations on transaction dispute resolution and secure archival of sensitive transaction journal records.

Increases Operational Efficiency

Perfo* Mobile App enables agile action from IT, Operations, Business Teams of central and Regional offices of the Bank. This is done by providing access to health Monitoring Dashboards and performance Analytics that graphically depicts network-wide device status, cash status, cash status transaction trends.

E – Receipts ( Go Paperless)

  • Generate transaction details on the customer’s smartphone by scanning a QR  code displayed on the ATM screen.
  • Reduces down time of ATM due RP failures or paper out.
  • Small changes in digitalization can make great impacts
  • Save on custodians time on regularly changing the RP paper roll
  • Reduce on cost of consumable goods
  • Saving paper can align with broader organizations goals like Go Green.


Going Contactless

Ever since Automated Teller Machines revolutionized banking more then 50 years ago, the ATM industry has been at the forefront of numerous innovations in the field of financial inclusion. The COVID-19 pandemic, with the associated fear of “touch,” has set in motion a new wave of innovations in the sphere of customer Interaction at the ATM. Vortex Engineering intends to contribute significantly in this area. Some of our projects in the area of customer Interaction are listed below:


Ecoteller cash dispensers are available with NFC-based contactless card readers, enabling “Tap and Transact” mode. Beside being fast and convenient, this transaction mode is secure as card slot access is avoided, thus eliminating the risk of card skimming.


Cardless transactions are initiated by pre-staging the withdrawal transaction on the customers mobile phone and using the generated           QR code at the Ecoteller cash dispensers. This enables a fast, convenient & secure transaction.

360 Degree Secure ATM Network

Logical Protection

  • Hard Disk Encryption
  • Whitelisting
  • OS Hardening
  • Firewall
  • BIOS Password Management
  • USB Disabling
  • Anti-Virus
  • Time Based Admin Access
  • User Access Control
  • Dispenser Host Pairing

Physical Protection

  • Anti-skimming device
  • Thermal & vibration sensor
  • Cash slot camera

Unsecured ATM Network

  • Unsecured communication
  • Proxy Switch
  • Proxy Attack
  • Proxy malware server authorizes fraudulent transaction


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