Infrared Moisture Analyzer Balance (CD 4820 – Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment)

CD 4820 – Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment solutions offered feature precision design and construction standards that make these ultrasonic technology based systems deliver optimum functionality support in the involved industrial cleaning requirements. The system also features bigger tank for smooth cleaning with bigger items as well as stronger transducer so as to ensure consistent performance support. The system also features support of circuit protector, wet-proof PCB and S.S 304 grade metal based tank contraction for durable usage value. Some of the operational specifications these cleaning equipment are made available in include volume (ltr.) of 2.5ltr. (with heater), ultrasonic power of 90 w, heat power of 80 w, frequency (khz) of 42,000 hz and temp. range (°c) of 65°c. Also co ing with LED digital indication support, it has Tank Size (mm) of 264 x 164 x 80mm as well as Unit Size (mm) of 340 x 255 x 225 mm.

Product Specifications

Volume (Ltr.) 2.5Ltr. With Heater
Voltage AC 220-240V, 50 / 60 Hz
Ultrasonic Power (W) 90 W
Heat Power 80 W
Frequency (KHz) 42,000 Hz
Temp. Range (°C) 65°C
Tank Size (mm) 264 x 164 x 80mm
Unit Size (mm) 340 x 255 x 225mm
N.W. 2.5kg
Indication LED Digital Indication