Infrared Moisture Analyzer Balance (YJ 5200 DT – 10 Ltr. – Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank)

YJ 5200 DT – 10 Ltr. – Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank solutions offered are designed and developed using bigger tanks with option of special basket for handling the involved ultrasonic process based cleaning demands in different industry sectors. These also feature S.S. 304 grade housing construction that makes these suitable for working in rugged conditions. Further, these also feature Digital LCD display so as to ensure smooth functioning, thus making these ideal for easily handling of any type of difficult to clean objects. Here, our expertise also allows us to provide in these highly functional machines option of heater & timer function with water spout provision for drainage as well as strong transducer option for years of dedicated operation support. Some of the technical specifications these are made available in include model options of YJ – 5200 DT, YJ – 5200 DT-14 and YJ – 5200 DT-22 in volumes of 10Ltr, 14Ltr, 22Ltr. Further, these are made available in voltage of 220V/50Hz- 110V/60Hz with ultrasonic power (W) support of 240W, 360W and 600W.

Product Specifications

MODEL YJ – 5200 DT YJ – 5200 DT-14 YJ – 5200 DT-22
Volume (Ltr.) 10Ltr. 14Ltr. 22Ltr.
Voltage 220V/50Hz- 110V/60Hz
Ultrasonic Power (W) 240W 360W 600W
Heat Power 225W 225W 225W
Adj. Power (%) 20-80 20-80 20-80
Temp. Range (°C) 1-600 1-600 1-60
Frequency (KHz) 40 Khz 40 Khz 40 Khz
Tank Size (mm) 300x240x 150 300 x 240 x 200 500x300x 150
Unit Size (mm) 420 x 350 x 420 400 x 350 x 460 630 x 400 x 420
G.W. 10kg 14kg 16-17kg
Indication LCD Digital Indication