Infrared Moisture Analyzer Balance (calibrated Gold)

The externally calibrated Gold Balances come with large LCD display and 2,00,000 internal resolutions. These balances are available with auto-zero tracking option, auto calibration provision, backlite LCD/LED display for allowing easy viewing function, 8 different weighing units like g, ct, Tola, piece counting as well as percentage weighing function and built-in rechargeable battery for providing continuous usage.

Product Specifications

Model Capacity Readability Pan
CTG 302* 300 gm 0.01gm 118 mm
CTG 602* 600 gm 0.01gm 118 mm
CTG 1202* 1200 gm 0.01gm 118 mm
CTG 3101 3100 gm 0.1gm 145 x 125 mm
CTG 6101 6100 gm 0.1gm 145 x 125 mm