EPGM Series (Physio-Growth Monitoring)

EPGM Series(Electronic Physio-Growth Monitoring System) comprising of state-of-the-art Embeded technology. with its light self weight,ease of operating and high efficiency,its because an ideal choice for monitoring malnutrition amongst children in Aganwadi,PHCs,NICU and Hospitals.



  • Computer software, “MAA” (Malnutrition Assessment and analysis) by which one can analyse the various data about growth Monitoring in tabular and graphical form. One can view information of an individual child as well as anganwadi, place, project, block, district and state, individually or collectively.
  • It can be equipped with rechargeable battery backup by which the system can be operated for minimum 8hrs on battery.
  • It is equipped with very sturdy and large size of ABS bowl which can accommodate children ageing from 0 to 72 months. (as per weight & measures rules)
  • 30-key feather touch membrane keyboard with audiable indication.
  • User friendly local language keyboard, keeping in view utilisation by Anganwadi workers.
  • 160×32 graphical LCD Display with bacj-light.
  • Equipped with Real Time Clock, provides Date of each weighment.
  • Portable and sturdy design.

Product Specifications

  1. Capacity :25Kg, Accuracy:5g
  2. Operating Tempreature:0 °C to 50 °C
  3. Power Supply : AC 230V + 10%, -20%, 50 Hz, +-2%.
  4. Overall Dimensions : 555mm(L) X 385mm(W) X 240mm(H) with bowl.

Key Benefits

  • It gives the result of a child comprising of all three growth charts published by world health organization (WHO), namely UNDERWEIGHT, STUNNING and WASTING. It gives the CATEGORY of Underweight, Stunning and Wasting as well as shows the amount of Underweight and stunting of a child.
  • It can store the data of 500 children.
  • HOST USB port can be provided by which the data of children can be copied on a Pen Drive and the same can be transferred to computer so that authentic malnutritions status can be provided at desired level of administration in a short time frame.
  • Rs-232-C serial Port provided for connecting to computer.
  • Rechargeable battery back-up supplied with the machine.

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