Noise-less shredder with Auto-Jam-Reverse and Bin Full warning built for 3-5 users that can shred papers, staples, CD and Credit Card. This machine can be moved easily and has Automatic start/stop. Specially designed for Nepalese Organisation.

Product Specifications

Model CC 9711 CD
Feed width (mm) 220 mm
Shred size (mm) 3×20 mm
Shred Capacity (70 gsm A4 sheets) 12×14/ 1CD
Motor/Voltage/Power 200 W / 230 V
Speed (metres/minute) 3.5
Waste Volume (Litres) 25 Liters
Weight (kgs) 20 Kg
Machines Dimensions (mm) HxWxD 620x410x318
Application paper/1 CD /Credit Cards